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tr710s   Bach TR710S
D25   Donate $25
D50   Donate $50
002   EDDY TROXLER, owner: Guitar, Piano (beginner), Music Theory, Woodwinds
hm   Hohner Blues Harp Harmonica, Key of C
WTB1   Locally made Wash Tub Bass
MTC   Music Theory Class
clt-1   New high quality b flat Clarinet E.Troxler
Etflt-1   New High Quality Flute E.Troxler
Stpt   New Sonare Trumpets 900 Series TRB901S List Price $3,998.00 USA Sterling Silver, Body Silver Plated Valve Adjustable.
rrb   Real Rock Book
ssam   Savannah SA-100 Mandolin
SSM58   Shure SM58 Mic
SC   Signet Clarinet
SN-5X   Snark Guitar, bass, violin tuner
MS5-630   Stageline MS5 Black Tripod Music Stand
ss4v   Stentor Student I 1/4 Violin
SS15V   Stentor Student II 15" Viola
sllvln   Stentor Student II 1500 1/4 Violin
SS44V   Stentor Student II 4/4 Violin
TJS35   Takamine Jasmine S35
RB1   The Real Book Volume 1
RB2   The Real Book Volume 2
tb100   Tradition B-100 DLX Bass
YRS   Yamaha YRS-24B Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering

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