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Yamaha YRS-24B Soprano
Yamaha YRS-24B Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering
Our Price: $6.99

The Yamaha YRS-24B Soprano Recorder with Baroque Fingering is in the key of C. Double holes: C-C#, D-D#; 3-piece construction. The combination of tone, intonation, and ease of playing makes it number one in its class. Suitable for more advanced players as well as beginning students and very affordably priced. Includes cloth bag and fingering chart. more info
Clarke Sweetone Tinwhistle - Key of D Black
Clarke Sweetone Tinwhistle - Key of D
Our Price: $9.99

All Styles. 0.75" x 11" inches.

After over 150 years of continuous production of the famous Clarke PENNYWHISTLE, the Company has now produced a brand new type of tinwhistle, the SWEETONE. This is the first conical bore tinwhistle to have been made with a plastic mouthpiece - the combination of traditional workmanship with modern technology. Easy to play; with a clear and accurate tone and readily affordable. It is the ideal instrument leading naturally, later on to the more advanced original PENNYWHISTLE - the whistle of the professional player and the enthusiastic amateur. Strangely enough, it is those professional players and enthusiastic amateurs who are enjoying the SWEETONE - not as an alternative to Clarke's PENNYWHISTLE, but as an additional tinwhistle they can use for its contrasting tonal qualities - sweetness and delicacy as opposed to strength and robustness. The sound to match the mood of the tune being played. Clarke Tinwhistles do not contain lead. They all have the Standard U.S. ASTM F963-07 certificate of compliance.
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Oak Classic Pennywhistle C
Oak Classic Pennywhistle C
Our Price: $10.99

The Oak Classic Pennywhistle has been long regarded as one of the premier pennywhistles in the world. Created from premium triple-nickel plated solid brass tubing polished to a lustrous shine and capped with the unique Oak adjustable (tuneable) mouthpiece, this pennywhistle is the choice of discriminating players around the world. Includes fingering chart.

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Professional Hohner blues harp in key of C.  Other keys available. 532bl
Hohner Blues Harp Harmonica, Key of C
Our Price: $41.00

Professional Hohner blues harp in key of C.  Other keys available. more info